Musings on Nonexistent Peace and Writing in General

I have been lacking with blog topics so I thought I’d share some background, foreground, and wandering thoughts about Nonexistent Peace, which you can read what’s completed of it here.  Maybe this post will motivate me to write more of it.  As for you, the person reading this, maybe it will get you interested in reading what I have already written of Nonexistent Peace and/or offer a glimpse into the horrifying way that my brain ticks and tocks.

The first thing to know is that Nonexistent Peace is a working title of sorts.  How could an author, any author, possibly come up with a fantastic and meaningful title for a story when they themselves don’t even have the full thing solidified in their head yet?  In fact, if you read the prologue of the story, you should be able to spot the line that the title comes from.  If you want my honest opinion, I hate that title.  Of course, it’s not like I can think of anything better at this juncture.

Now then, to delve a bit deeper into my thoughts, I’d like to mention that Nonexistent Peace isn’t the “first book”.  I tend to think of grand things and in my head there is a whole book that takes place before this one.  I have just decided it is less interesting than my plan for Nonexistent Peace.  That “first book” (do you feel as silly reading that phrase as I do typing it?) is a much slower introduction to this world than the crash course Nonexistent Peace will be.  I personally believe the crash course is more exciting, more engaging.  On the other hand, it’s harder to write, having to introduce things while not shoving to much down a readers throat at one time. I guess I just like challenges.

You may be wondering how Nonexistent Peace comes off of another book and you would be correct to wonder.  As of Chapter 1 Part 1 of Nonexistent Peace, which is as far as I have written at the time of writing this blog post, there’s no lead in from the “first book” present yet.  Juli and Casi are completely new introductions to this world I’m building.  It’s Chapter 1 Part 2 that continues off the “first book”.  Dylan (such a plain name after Juli and Casi isn’t it, there’s a reason for that)… as I was saying, Dylan gets introduced in the next section of Nonexistent Peace and he’s the bleed over from that “first book”.

This may be why I’ve been dreading (and avoiding) writing this next section for Nonexistent Peace.  How much of Dylan’s back-story should I tell?  How much do I need to tell?  Should I put it all up front or leave some for later?  I get the feeling that there’s a lot I can fuck up.

And then there’s this other problem with how stories in my head exist.  Some people outline, others spend months making timelines and getting as many details in place as possible.  I can’t work that way.  Stories in my head are this ever changing mass of ideas with what I guess you could call guiding points.  I have these points in my head of how the story should progress.  These points are targets, some are big plot points and some smaller things that I need to guarantee get covered.  Even these targets are sometimes in flux and not completely decided upon.  It would be an understatement to say that it’s a challenge to guide this world and these characters in my head in such a way that both makes sense and hits these targets.

I suppose my main point about my writing is that, while I have a set of target that I’m aiming for, each individual section is mostly made up on the spot.  Sometimes I think I feel as lost, as unsure and unknowing, writing a section as people feel reading it, and I hope that’s not a bad thing.  I so very hope it’s not.

Your humble author,