Firefly Could Never Have Been As Good As It Is Now

I recently was able to watch the movie Serenity from start to finish for the first time.  Over the years I had been able to catch bits and pieces of it on TV, but I had never seen the whole movie until the other night.  Earlier this year I was also able to sit down and watch all of Firefly from start to finish, in the order intended.  I have to say, the Firefly series, along with the movie Serenity, is some of the best motion picture I’ve seen put to film.  It pulls you in with its wit and tantalizes you to stay with its atmosphere.  I can see why it has become so popular, and I think Fox is an idiot for letting it die so early.

With that out of the way, there is one thing I have come to realize about Firefly.  If the series had continued, it would never have turned out as enchanting and wonderful as it currently is right now.  No matter how popular it became or how many seasons the show ended up running, it would never compare to what it is now.  Because, what Firefly became isn’t just fourteen episodes and a movie.  It became a legend.

Whether through accident or design the creators of Firefly accomplished something amaze.  They gave us a taste and then cut us off.  What we got a taste of, this universe they had begun to craft, was filled with just enough of a hint at a huge unknown structure behind the curtain.  You got a sense that this world ticked in a crooked, but logical, matter.  When the show was canceled there was just enough there to make everyone’s imaginations run wild, but not enough to answer all the questions.  And that’s the key.

In each and every fan’s mind, Firefly is bigger and better than it ever would or could have been.  The official cannon for the show is rather small compared to most, but ask yourself, how big does it feel when you think about it?  How deep does that rabbit hole go in your mind, and how much of the gaps has your imagination attempted to filled in with ideas and theories?  That universe you have in your head is much bigger, much grander, and much better than anything a group of show writer ever could have written.

Cause isn’t that what makes the Firefly universe so intriguing?  Not what’s there in the shows, but what could have been?