The Beautiful World Of Tyria (Guild Wars 2 Screenshots)

In my short time playing Guild Wars 2, during the beta and recent stress test, I’ve gotten into a habit of taking screenshots.  I’ve taken more screenshots in my short time playing Guild Wars 2 than in most other games combined.  The world of Tyria, with its numerous gorgeous sites, just begs to have pictures taken of it.

This week, I thought I’d share a few of those screenshots.  Below you’ll find my ten best from yesterday during the short stress test.  If you want to see a few more check out my post on exploration from last week.

The Lion’s Arch loading screen.

Three Asura gates leading to World vs World in Lion’s Arch.

An overlook on a bridge in Lion’s Arch.

The lion statue located in the center of Lion’s Arch.

Asura gates in Lion’s Arch leading to various parts of Tyria.

Approaching a World vs World keep in the Eternal Battlegrounds.

A view from atop some rocks near the World vs World keep pictured above.

A World vs World vista of the same keep pictured above.

The view from the actual vista point of the above keep vista in World vs World.

A vista of a tower in World vs World.

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful World Of Tyria (Guild Wars 2 Screenshots)

  1. Mmm… screenshots. I’m looking forward to playing this game. I even have a shiny new video card I got for MWO that will make GW2 even better.

    • Yeah, the game really is pretty. Yesterday I had the graphics cranked up all the way while I was playing. Looked great and I was surprised to be running at 27fps while playing WvW with a bunch of characters on the screen at one time.

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