Smart Phones Make Me Read Less

One great habit I’ve picked up over the years, thanks to my family, is that I love stories of any format, be it television, movies, plays, video games, whatever.  If it’s a good story I enjoy it.  I absorb stories at an incredible rate.  At any one time there’s always a few shows I’m watching, and when I finish one, I quickly find another.  However, one thing I haven’t been doing recently is reading book.

Books are a great thing which everyone should read and continue reading throughout their lives.  They inspire the imagination and bring people into another world.  If I can find a fantastic series, such as The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks or Codex Alera by Jim Butcher, hours of my time can fly by as I blaze through book after book and get lost in their fantasy.  If I’m out of guaranteed good reads I usually revert back to semi amusing series like Eve Dallas by Nora Roberts, Anite Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton, or Rachel Morgan by Kim Harrison.

Except recently.

It all started around the time I got my Droid Incredible.  With my new smart phone I was always connected, which meant I could always read things on Twitter to keep up on events, or use Wikipedia to look up things I’m wondering about.  Even worse it has games, and being a gamer I play them all the time when I have nothing better to do.  Like many smart phone users I also do these things while in bed, and bed was where I read the most.

This wasn’t a problem a few months ago when I was reading Black Prism by Brent Weeks.  That book is amazing and kept me enthralled through the whole thing, but then I finished it and didn’t have anything else to read.  I moved on to a book in a backup series, Pale Demon by Kim Harrison, but fizzled out on that about halfway through.  That’s when I started to realize something.

I would rather mess around on my phone than read a somewhat amusing book.

It’s been about two month, I’m sad to say, since I’ve read a book.  I’m stuck on Pale Demon and feel like I need to finish it before I move on.  Of course I can never get myself to read it. I guess I just need to grit my teeth, continue reading, and hope I find another amazing series soon.

3 thoughts on “Smart Phones Make Me Read Less

  1. While I love Kim Harrison’s books, some people find it slow going unlike Jim Butcher’s writing. You may want to just set it aside and pick up something else to read that’s faster paced. You can always go back to it or just leave it.

    I love to read too much to give it up. However, I have experienced the same problem when a book didn’t hook me. At first, I felt that I needed to slog through it. Then I discovered that I could just set it aside and move on. In fact, that happened recently, when I tried to get into the third Eragorn book. Just couldn’t do it! So, it is on my shelf in case I want to return to it, but I have gone on to others which I am thoroughly enjoying. I think the question now is: does anyone have any suggestions for a great fantasy series to explore?

  2. Kim Harrison books always fizzle in the middle for me too. Something about the pacing just drags. They always end strong, but the middle portion of the book seems to take forever.

    A couple random recommendations would be World War Z, Old Man’s War, Ender’s Game, and Name of the Wind. World War Z is the best zombie book I’ve ever read and it’s told in an interesting perspective as a journalist capturing stories after the zombie apocalypse. Old Man’s War might be my favorite Sci Fi book ever, all of Scalzi’s writing is good but Old Man’s War is his strongest book. Ender’s Game is a classic Sci Fi novel with some interesting twists. Name of the Wind is by one of my favorite new authors, Patrick Rothfuss. It’s the start of an amazing fantasy series but be warned, it’s a long book.

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